Shade Trees, Fruit Trees and Evergreens

Fruit Trees & Vines

Almond, All in One

Almond, Hall's Hardy

Almond, Russian

Apple, Jonathon 

Apple, Arkansas Black

Apple, Calville Blanc

Apple, Courtland

Apple, Delicious

Apple, Gala

Apple, Granny Smith

Apple, Grimes Golden

Apple, Honeycrisp

Apple, Jonathan

Apple, Kidd's Orange Red

Apple, Liberty

Apple, Liberty

Apple, Newtown Pippin

Apple, Pippin, Cox's Orange

Apple, Winesap

Apricot, Blenheim

Apricot, Bryan

Apricot, Harcot

Apricot, Lorna (YGP)

Apricot, Moorman

Apricot, Moorpark

Apricot, Puget Gold 

Apricot, Sungold

Apricot, Tilton

Apricot, Ume Pink

Blackberry, Black Butte


Cherry, Bing

Cherry, Bing

Cherry, Black Republican

Cherry, Choke

Cherry, English Morello

Cherry, Meteor

Cherry, Montmorency

Cherry, Nanking

Cherry, Rainer

Cherry, Stella

Cherry, Utah Giant


Crab Apple, Edible Dolgo

Crab apple, Marilee

Crab Apple, Red Vein Crab 

Crab Apple, Whitney  edible

Fig, Brown Turkey

Fig, Texas Everbearing 

Grape, Candice

Grape, Concord

Grape, Glenora

Grape, Himrod

Grape, Inerlaken

Grape, Muscat

Grape, Niagara

Grape, Vanessa

Jujube, Sugar Cane

Nectarine, Goldmine 

Peach,  Elberta

Peach, Belle of Georgia

Peach, Hale Haven

Peach, Indian Blood

Peach, J.H. Hale

Peach, O'Henry

Peach, Polly White 

Peach, Red Haven

Peach, spp

Peach, Topic Snow

Pear ssp.

Pear, Bartlett

Pear, D'Anjou

Pear, Oriental 

Pear, Parker

Pear, Patten

Pear, Shinko Pear

Pear, Summercrisp Pear

Pecan - Assorted

Plucot, Flavor King


Plum,  Stanley 

Plum, Elephant Heart

Plum, French Prune

Plum, Green Gage

Plum, Mt Royale

Plum, Santa Rosa

Plum, Satsuma

Pluot, Dapple Dandy

Pluot, Flavor King


Walnut, Carpathian

Walnut, Chandler

Walnut, R. Livermore

Trees listed are all the trees we regularly have available during a season.  Not all plants are available at all times.  We List the trees that we have found do will in our region, and in our soils.  Please contact us with inquiries about varieties that might not be listed here.

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Shade Trees

Ash - Arizona

Ash - Autumn Purple 

Ash - Patmore

Ash - Raywood

Ash - Sngle leaf

Ash - Summit


Birch - River

Box Elder, Sensation



Catalpa, Purple


Cottonwood - Lanceleaf

Cottonwood - Male/Cottonless

Cottonwood - Mixed Sex

Flowering cherry

Flowering Pear Tree

Ginkgo Tree

Golden Rain Tree

Hackberry - Common

Hackberry - Netleaf


Honeylocust, Shademaster

Honeylocust, Skyline

Honeylocust, Streetkeeper

HopHornbeam tree

Kentucky Coffee Tree

Kentucky Coffee Tree, Espresso

Lilac Tree

Linden - Greenspire

Locust, Purple Robe

Maple, Amur

Maple, Big Tooth

Maple, Bigtooth


Mulberry, Fruitless

Oak - Gambel's

Oak - Turbinella

Oak -various

Pea Shrub, tree form

Pistache - Chinese

Poplar - Thieves Lombardy

Purple Robe Locust

Purpleleaf Plum

Purpleleaf Plum or Cherry


Service Berry, tree form



Vitex Tree

Weeping Mulberry

Willow - Black/Gooding

Willow - Coyote

Willow - Desert

Willow - Navajo Globe

Willow - Wisconsin Weeping


Evergreen TREES


Juniper - Common

Juniper - One Seed

Juniper - One-Seed

Juniper - Rky Mtn

Juniper - Rocky Mountain

Juniper - Sea Green

Juniper - Skyrocket

Juniper - Spartan

Juniper - Spartan

Juniper - Utah

Pine - Afghan

Pine - Austrian

Pine - Mugo

Pine - Pinyon

Spruce - Colorado

Large Evergreen 

Big Basin Sage
Curleaf Mountain Mahogany

Desert Holly