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Wildland Scapes, LLC (WLS) is an ecological restoration and revegetation service company located in the heart of the Colorado Plateau in Moab, Utah. We provide the following services and products:

• Ecological restoration and revegetation planning, and follow-up services for large and small scale projects.  We can connect you with local contractors and conservation corps to get the work done.

• Large and small scale exotic weed control planning.

• Erosion management planning using local materials and native plants.

• Regionally native plants for landscaping.

• Contract grown plants for specific revegetation projects

• Xeric landscape design services, specializing in drought-tolerant and low water landscapes.

WLS is committed to assisting landowners and developers in the Colorado Plateau to restore native landscapes and grow and build in a manner responsible to our unique environment.

Kara Dohrenwend established Wildland Scapes, LLC in 1998. She has formal training in landscape architecture and over 25 years experience working on riparian restoration and revegetation projects.  We have grown from experience, with enthusiasm for restoration and revegetation work. Our work has also grown in response to the rapid increase of recreational land use and development in this region.

Our most recent addition is a native plant nursery where we grow regionally native plants from seed and cuttings collected in Utah, as well as provide ornamental plants suited to SE Utah.

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